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Re: How good are you at judging.......

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I have trouble telling the height of tall people. Once they get over about 180 cm they are considerably taller than me (I am 159 cm tall, or 5ft 3in).

I am very good at judging children's ages but less so with adults though, like you, I am much better than I was when I was younger.

I think I can guess a woman's weight easier than a man's weight.
It's probably safe to say that your own age plays a factor in how well you gauge someone's age. As a teen, I pretty much thought anyone in his/her 40s was "old." What I've observed is that as I got older, younger people seemed very young to me while older folks were not as old as I originally perceived.

propita wrote: View Post
I compare people to me and usually mess things up.

I'm 49 but I'm told I look 40. When I look in the mirror, knowing I'm 49, and then look at people who are my age, they look old to me; people who are younger look like kids to me.

I'm only 5' 1" and am used to having to tilt my head up to look at most adults. I judge height only by quickly measuring myself against them. Visually, that is.

I'm...let's say "chunky"...and my actual weight is more than it appears. By easily 20 or more pounds. So someone who is my weight is physically much bigger than me. Not sure how that happened. Even my doctor doesn't understand that one, but says I carry my weight well. But still need to lose some.

Hubby, conversely, was always good at guessing age, weight, height, and even income where we used to work (in the 1980s). Amazingly/annoyingly observant.
With due respect to everyone's background, it has been said that Asians (women in particular) look younger than their actual age . I've found this to be true among my mostly Chinese female coworkers. There's one in my department who could pass for a 25 year old woman. She's in her early 40s, married, and has two kids in high school. She's very slim, hasn't had any work done, and takes good care of her health.
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