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Re: Did Voyager get better or worse when Kes was replaced with 7 of 9?

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Show me the poll that people voted Voyager the best series. Everybody I've ever talked to except maybe 10% of the people on this board cite either TOS, TNG or DS9 as their favorite. And the younger people I talk to who never watched Star Trek when it was airing tend to heavily favor DS9.
I never said best series, I say number 1 choice to see on Blu-ray.
here's your poll:

Yes, Voyager did always get good enough ratings to stay on the air. At the time a 3.0 was UPN's highest rated show. But it was also far more accessible than DS9 and it's where all the marketing resources went to and it was still consistently lower rated than DS9. And, I'm a fan of Voyager, but it seems every time the subject of Voyager comes up outside of this board it's in the context of me having to defend it.
So what?
If say "Mork and Mindy" got lower ratings then "Lavern & Shirley" for arguments sake, does that make "Mork & Mindy" a shit show?
Having lower ratings than the spin off show before it doesn't equate into a bad show. If it gets cancelled due to low ratings it does. Use that argument next time you defend it and see what folks say. Also state that with all it had against it, Voy. still survived. That's speaks volumes.
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