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Re: The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2012: Offensive or Funny

"Minutes after the watershed" is still after the watershed. This is entirely stupid, and absolutely indicative of a culture that would rather point the finger at the media than try to sort their own problems.

It comes up in newspaper letter columns, stuff like "My child heard swear words on tv, it's dissgusting and need to stop", but they never think to say back "Maybe monitor what your child is watching, and don't let them watch the tv late at night, idiot".

It's the same as all this weird hand wringing over violent video games. Guess what? They've got fucking age labels on them for a reason! Children should not be playing them! Why the fuck are people so stupid, and so unwilling to realise they're at least part of the problem? God damn it, I'm pissed off right now. Time to go count back from ten
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