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Re: The Impossible Girl: Who IS Clara Oswin Oswald?!?

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What you're doing is starting with a desired conclusion and constructing arguments to justify it. That's backward reasoning, because you can use it to support any position, no matter how wrong or nonsensical. Better to reserve judgment until we have more evidence, then formulate a hypothesis based on the evidence.
What desired conclusion am I starting with? That there are no rules? Where is your evidence that there are? There's a trend, certainly. And if I missed a quote where it's specifically said to be impossible to take on the same form, my mistake. I am slowly making my way through classic Doctor Who (and some of it's pretty awful to try and sit through), so I may be unaware of any number of statements.

Besides, exceptions are exceptions. So Clara could be another exception anyway. I am not trying to scientifically prove anything.

Just to be clear, I am not saying Clara is regenerating, and I seriously doubt that's the situation. I just don't think you can rule it out. Though I mostly just object to passive-aggressive statements starting with "I don't know why." What is your goal in making this statement? To make everyone give up their wild suppositions? To make people feel foolish for making such unscientifically-based arguments? Is the fact that I didn't use the scientific method in my grand (admittedly weak) argument that Clara could be regenerating offensive? And, if we are to reserve judgment, then why don't you take your own advice, and let people make their own foolish observations? If you want to argue that it's unlikely, or that evidence contradicts it, then fine. But why bring up your inability to comprehend others' ideas? It takes it from being about Doctor Who and makes it about the fans themselves.

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Do you think you can regenerate from turning into a Dalek? Do you think you can regenerate by teleporting to an entirely different location (keeping in mind Clara was buried). There have been subtle variations in regeneration over the years, but nothing as big as those things.
The regeneration from being a Dalek seems unlikely, true, but what are the limits of regeneration? Has any Time Lord been turned into a Dalek before? I think it more likely that the utter obliteration of her physical form when the planet blew up probably makes it more of non-starter.

Forgive me, but didn't the Time Lord in yellowface from "Planet of the Spiders" regenerate and teleport?

Wild hypothesis: Clara's "regeneration" takes 150 years or so, so she burst out of the ground 26 years before the present day scene in "The Snowmen." In between stuff happens, has amnesia, final death in "Asylum of the Daleks."

I hate that hypothesis.
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