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Re: VOY Caption this 96; A Random Collection!!!

Janeway(to the writers of Voyager): You've given me a hologram, an Inspector, an alien and a lizard. Now you want me to marry Mr. Darcy? I would suggest you come to your senses before I do.

Neelix: There, there my sweet Kes. We'll get you back into corporeal form before you know it.

B'Elanna: There's a spider on your finger.

Doctor: Now if you take your fingers and pinch them like this...

Janeway's new bioluminescent coffee had some unforseen side effects...

Harry: least we won't need flashlights anymore!

Tom: Now just move your face a little that way...

Janeway: Why?

Tom: Oh, I assure you, Captain, it's completely necessary. Now stay still. *turns and whispers to Harry* Now!

Harry: Janeway's duck face is going to be top story on the ship's news feed.

Tuvok: Species 8472 has evolved. They look like us, and they have a plan.

Seven: Accurate, but you've got the wrong show.
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