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Re: ultimate reasoning behind prime directive ?

The pd keeps getting labeled as a product of liberal tng folly but it's very conservative an ideal isn't it? Everyone is responsible for themselves and should mind their own business. No one has the right to expect anything from me and I shouldn't expect anything from anyone else.

I like the pd for various reasons and dislike it for others, but in Homebound I think it was little more than a muggufin (sp?) to set up the Nikolai holodeck story, and tptb didn't think things through. Thinking that some things were just meant to happen, when you could have prevented them, lends a mysticism to the I think well-meaning pd.

The warp tech threshold for contact also I think is just an semi-arbitrary point of policy that's there because there are so many cultures the Feds could get involved with but have to draw the line somewhere and they've chosen early warp to be it. They're not in the business of jumping cultures centuries or millennia ahead (if those cultures even would ever get there) and instead prefer dealing with equals/near equals. For both their and the other cultures' sakes.

...again that doesn't sit quite right with me. Opinions?
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