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No, not open world like Skyrim or Fallout 3, but it does have large open areas around which you a free to investigate in your own time to discover hidden secrets and figure out how to open the way to the next area.

From what I've seen of Uncharted, the areas are *much* more linear. Indeed, to me it felt very overly scripted, almost like an old rail shooter.

They're linear, sure, but then so were the Tomb Raider games. Uncharted just perfected on the formula and while I admit they aren't as open, there are some really nice areas that have the feel of being open, plus there's lots of treasure to collect just like Tomb Raider. I'd describe Uncharted to be like an action movie with intricate setpieces with some puzzle solving thrown in. Uncharted 2 for example felt like a good James Bond/Indy mashup.
I guess my main problem with Uncharted was that shooting people was really all there was to do. In Tomb Raider, killing people was not what you spent most of your time doing. In that respect I guess Uncharted just felt mindless and shallow to me.

I suppose it doesn't help that I've never been much of a Bond fan and it takes more than a series of flashy set pieces and scripted events to hold my interest. I like a little more scope in my action adventure games, with a little more emphasis on the adventure and a lot less over-dependence on the action.

Again, this is all just personal preference, but I like there to be many peaks and valleys in gameplay. Too much non-stop action and it just becomes a meaningless blur. I like Tomb Raider's semi-open areas as it offers some nice calm, but still challenging gameplay that's only occasionally punctuated by some exciting action.

Hell even in straight up shooters (the good ones) this is the case. I mean how much time playing HL2 was spent in a pitched gun battle compared to how much was spent just exploring the environment, enjoying the scenery and becoming immersed in the world? Compare that to the likes of Halo, which in my experience was just a repetitive room clearing exercise.
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