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Re: Did Voyager get better or worse when Kes was replaced with 7 of 9?

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He's not comparing Lien to WWII. He's saying that people have to speak out against injustices and listing real events where people either did or didn't speak out. He's picked really big events but he could have told some story that began "in the office last week.."
He should have.

I wish I could help you all out by saying what you want me to say:

That it was a terrible mistake to bring Jeri on board, that Seven was the worst character in history, that Jeri's a brain-dead bimbo without an ounce of talent in her body & that Kate & Lynx are right about her.

But I can't. I liked Voyager better after Seven came on board.

Not to worry, though. Obviously, judging from this thread & the commentary you, Lynx & others have provided, I'm in a very small minority here. That's okay.

It's just curious to me why, if Jeri is so unpopular & ruined the show, then why do so many people flock to see her at conventions? That's just something I can't understand. If adding her to the cast proves that the fans were not important, then why is she a top draw at conventions?

I really can't figure that out. According to what I read on this board, she's the most hated actor ever to grace the Trek screen.

Yet fans pay to see her.

It's really a head-scratcher for me.
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