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Re: What's up with Weller's character?

I almost forgot all about this cute little "Easter Egg" that was in TNG until I was watching an old episode on Netflix -- the episode was Up the Long Ladder (the episode with the Irish-descended colonists who set up refugee camps in the cargo bays).

The Easter Egg I'm talking about in that episode was a reference to the "SS Buckaroo Banzai". While Picard and Riker are searching the computer for certain spaceships from 22nd-century Earth, this appears on the Picard's computer monitor (I circled the entry to make it easier to see):

A question arose earlier about the idea that supposedly Peter Weller's STID character has his own ship...
...Well, there's your answer.

Fans of that cult classic film The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension! will also get a chuckle out of the name of the captain listed on the monitor and the nature of their mission. I would have never caught this easter egg myself, but I remember reading about it on Memory Alpha.

Memory Alpha entry for "SS Buckaroo Banzai":

Enlarged source image for image above:

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