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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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Hasbro and the major retailers certainly screwed the pooch this past year. When you have a better chance of finding a figure you want at a TJ Maxx or Five Below discount store than you do at a couple of the largest toy retailers on the entire face of the planet something's gone horridly wrong.

Part of me hopes Disney buys Hasbro and reorganizes the company so it'll have a new, fresh focus on product and stop rehashing and regurgitating all these ancient and dull repaints and repacks just to save a few tooling dollars. The retailers have to stop being so skittish about ordering new product, too, and get their own sorry acts together and restock for their customers, but if Hasbro put out more new and interesting product then the retail sales would improve and the toy department managers would be more likely to want and remember to reorder.

I don't know who's been running Hasbro lately but a cage full of hyperactive spider monkeys would probably do a more competent job of getting a steady stream of good and new product to the buying public.
Be careful what you wish for. Disney can be very bottom-line conscious at times and if they ever took control of Hasbro, could tell them to stop making so many figures on obscure characters and just concentrate on the main ones. You think they make too many Darth Vaders now...
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