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Re: Tomorrow: 20 Years Ago

I came into DS9 quite late in the game. Although both of my parents watched and liked TNG, I was forbidden to watch DS9 because they considered it a "soap opera" (general anti-DS9 opinion). My older sister had overriding TV privileges and, as she considers Star Trek to be "gay" (general anti-Trek opinion), would insist on watching anything else. Usually Home & Away.

Somewhere along the way I was allowed to watch my first DS9 episode, which wound up being "Little Green Men" -- not the best first episode to watch. My second chance to watch it didn't come until "Rules of Engagement", which was quite hard going. It wasn't until BBC2 were showing late season 5 that I got to watch it regularly, when I went to my grandparents' after school on a Thursday. I filled in most of the early episodes through repeats over the next few years and then bought season 7 on video when it came out. I'm not sure I'd even seen every episode until last year when I bought all the DVDs!
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