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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Conjugal visits.

If Ben wanted some of that fine chocolate ass, he had to go to prison, walking past the chain link fence with al the other female prisoners exercising in the yard cat calling him, and then politely wait in the communal sex trailer until the screws showed up with his girlfrend probably still handcuffed from the transit fully aware that it doesn't matter who he is, the security camera is not going to be turned off.


How often did they write letters to each other.

I saw the episode a few days ago.

Cassady was unsure if Ben even wanted to talk to her ever again.

She was nervous and was open tot he fact that he might immediately send her away.

I doubt they had talked since her trial.

It was a leap of faith that she went to see him, wishing that they could kick it off again.

That kiss.

That "hello" kiss scared the hell out of her.

Becuase she was not expecting it.

It's probably the complete opposite of the confrontation she expected which was yelling and closure.

her ship must have been impounded.

Her pilots licences would have been scrapped.

And she never would have gotten a new contract with an ally of the Federation, or the Federation again if she did get a new ship.

She would have been on a bunch of lists.

Cassaday would not have been allowed in Ops without an armed escort.

I really would have liked to have seen an episode explaining how much her life had changed post prison now that she was untrustworthy.

Because logically all it seemed she had left that wasn't ashes was Ben Sisko.

And if he hadn't been drunk when she showed up, he would have told her to go away.
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