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Love Facebook? How do you use it?

I love Facebook, I really do and I can't really understand the hate.

I only have 41 friends and only about 10 of those post regularly. Of those that post regularly it is my Trekbbs friends and my friend Bob who posts the most interesting topics. Bob is a local magician/juggler/tour guide/mentor of teens, he is a very interesting man.

Most of my feed consists of posts from pages I have liked. My favourites are

I fucking love science (he/she post really interesting pictures and articles)
Sirocco Kakapo - Sirocco is the spokesbird for New Zealand conservation.
Kakapo Recovery
George Takei - very interesting feed

I also subscribe to many atheist pages (Matt Dillahunty, Skepticon, Freedom from Religion Foundation etc)

Other science pages (NASA, Science Alert, Science on Facebook etc)

Local pages (MONA Museum of Old and New Art, Clarence City Council, Hobart Blood Drive, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Fullers Book Shop, local newspaper etc)

other book related pages (Amazon, Book Depository)

and some sillier pages such as Misery Bear, Cat Shaming and Aviation Humor.

Some of the discussions on the atheist pages gets a bit heated at times but that is the only real drama I am ever subjected to though occasionally a couple of my friends will have a bitch about something (and I have been know to bitch on occasion).

ANY INTERESTING PAGE Suggestions would be welcomed.

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