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Re: Most hated conversations

Sports. Small talk. This:

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Anything Hollywood/gossip related. Unless you know the person, why are you discussing their personal life?
But I hate hate hate conversations about facebook!

I quit facebook over a year ago, for many reasons, but my entire family (several generations) have since joined and every single one of them feels the need to talk about facebook to me since I'm "missing out" and all.

So I get to hear about the following fascinating tidbits:

-How FIL's ex-student from 20 years ago bought a new car
-How many babies MIL's aunt's children's cousin's new wife just had
-Farm/city/derpville (Villeville, lol Spot's Meow)
-Pictures of an old field trip student's new cat
-Status updates read to me slowly
-Status updates from people I've never met and never will
-Pictures (all 103 of them) from some family friend's family reunion across the country
-A gathering some 2nd cousin or other is having in another state
-How much drinking/partying so-and-so keeps posting about

AHHHHHHH! Shut it already! I quit that noise for a reason!
Could you please continue the petty bickering? I find it most intriguing!

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