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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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But the back thing? No way. Go look at a diagram of a human spine. You think vertebrae can just "snap" back into place from being dislocated? You can't "dislocate" anything in the spine, even the spinal discs are glued tightly to the vertebrae.

When someone "slips" a disc, what actually happens is you tear the cartilage in the middle, and if it's bad enough it will press on nerves going down the spinal column, giving symptoms of sciatica, and in severe cases can damage the spinal cord.

So no, breaking something in your back is not a thing that you "snap" back into place and then keep on training.
Normally that would be true, but Batman's vertebrae had time to prepare...

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It bothered me because I enjoyed the "hyper realism" shall we call it of the first movie, and to some degree the second one?
The Nolan Batmans are certainly more realistic in tone than the Burton/Schumacher films or the 60s TV show and movie, but they are not realistic, much less "hyper-realistic," in terms of being reflective of real life.
- There are stories about what happened.
- It's true. All of it. TNZ, Hulk, ModMan. They're real.
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