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Re: Did Voyager get better or worse when Kes was replaced with 7 of 9?

Lynx wrote: View Post
And when I don't like certain things, I question them and speak out against them. And do you know why? Because if no one speaks out against injustice, corruption and what's wrong in this world, nothing will change or get better.
There are two problems with this, Lynx.

First, when I first met you on this board, you were using nasty hearsay to make your point: and you trashed the reputation of a perfectly lovely woman to do it. Not cool. I certainly hoped you learned your lesson when you discovered how incredibly wrong you were.

Second, can anything be done about this injustice?

I am deeply involved in some political issues, so yes, I do know what it means to fight for something. But these are issues where I can make a difference. I can educate people on the dangers of fracking or GMO crops. I can encourage people to buy their food from small farms in their area. I can make a difference--even a small one.

Your efforts yield nothing. Voyager is no longer being filmed. There are no new episodes coming down the pike, no Voyager movie will ever be made.

So comparing this "cause" to human rights or environmental movements is absurd. You cannot change the past & there is no future for Voyager. You're fighting a battle that can never be won. That's the essence of futility.

And, well, it's rather insulting to someone who lost family in the Holocaust to have an actress losing her job be compared to that.
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