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Re: The Impossible Girl: Who IS Clara Oswin Oswald?!?

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^ Well, I guess I just don't see the point of doing it that way. For a comedy like Red Dwarf, which I totally love, it helps with comedic timing. I just don't see it helping for a drama.

And, there are reasons why they moved away from shooting DW like a live broadcast. I did see a video of a DW stage play and wasn't overly impressed.
To each his own. I've seen a number of live episodes of various TV shows, as well as the live version of Fail Safe that George Clooney produced and starred in back in 2000, and I quite enjoy it. There's an energy and immediacy to a live performance that you don't get with the carefully constructed and perfected productions we usually get. There are some inevitable glitches and flubs along the way, but that's part of the fun -- it's exciting to watch actors perform without a safety net, to be aware of the risk of a mistake happening, and it makes it more impressive when they carry off the performance mostly without a hitch.

Doctor Who has always been a broad, theatrical show -- sometimes bordering on pantomime in the UK sense. And the British have a grand theatrical tradition. I think it could be a terrific idea.

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Hasn't Matt Smith performed live as the Doctor at certain children's charity functions? I could swear I remember seeing him go into an audience and picking a kid to do something important while he saved the auditorium.
That was the second Doctor Who at the Proms concert in 2010.

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There was only one reason for a married couple in the TARDIS. In the UK, this is a children's show. In a children's show, in order to remove any possibility of scandal, it's necessary to marry the characters. Rory and Amy were married to produce River.

Similiarly, there is only one reason to marry the Doctor.

I think Clara's identity follows logically if you wonder why, after almost fifty years, they would marry the Doctor.
Good grief. You, along with the person who suggested it was Susan, are completely forgetting that they kissed, that Clara has been extremely flirtatious with the Doctor from the get-go. By your own logic, the last thing they would do in a children's show is include incestuous themes! Of course she isn't his daughter or granddaughter or any kind of relative! Ick! Eww!
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