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Re: New Star Trek Into Darkness summary

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...does anybody edit these at Empire?

"... a mission to try and rectify his mistake." UGH!

"... are headed off...." Headed off is past tense, as in "had headed off". "... are heading off...." is better.

And it's sad to see our heroes are separated from the Enterprise. I hope it doesn't end in a messy divorce.

Meh, I'm just being anal retentive I guess.
You're not being anal retentive, not at all. Thing is, you may not be taking into account dialect differences.

"Headed off" can be used in a descriptive way, as an adjective.

"Try and rectify" is also acceptable.

It's a matter of dialect, trust me. The "and" thing sounded just fine to me when I first read it, and after you brought up "headed off" I went back, re-read it, thought about it, and realized it was also familiar. Less so, but familiar nonetheless.

Let's face it, if "lift" and "elevator, "apartment" and "flat", "boot" and "trunk" and "hood" and "bonnet" can, in each case, be two ways of saying exactly the same thing...

Certainly there can be variations with regards to how things are phrased. If common nouns can vary so much, expressions and phrasings can too.
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