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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Anthony Zerbe. As another Starfleet Admiral gone bad.
B is for Berengarian Dragons. Spock once saw one, and a century earlier T'Pol told her crewmates about them.
C is for Cardassian Comedy.
D is for Denebian slime devil.
E is for Empathic Metamorph.
F is for Ferengi Congress of Economic Advisors, a decision-making body created during the social reforms instituted by Grand Nagus Zek in 2375.
G is for Archer's prized gazelle.
H is for Harry. Mudd and Kim. Two guys who never got the respect they wanted.
I is for Icheb, who should have perished in a painful transporter accident.
J is for Joe Tormolen. He can't be trusted with cutlery.
K is for Brigadier Kerla who does not require assistance from puny humans.
L is for Loose Lips. The Dominion discovered there were some on Deep Space 9 during their occupation of the station and tried to hunt them down.
M is for Marta. Homicidal, scantlity-clad, green-skinned Orion hottie. Who also can't be trusted around cutlery.
N is for "NOT NOW, Madeleine!"
O is for Outrageous Okona.
P is for Play. Artim of the Ba'ku reminded Data that he needed to do more of it and have a little fun every day.
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