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Re: Most hated conversations

I am not usually annoyed by many topics because I find that I can usually steer a conversation away from a topic.

For instance, one friend was rambling on about car racing - a topic I am not interested at all. After listening to him for a while I asked him what did racing car drivers do when they needed to pee during a race. That question led to talking about what early solo aviators used to do during long flights. That led to talk about plane crashes, the Andes Survivors and other survival stories.

However two things I can't stand is my son talking about his Facebook games first thing in the morning. I like to have ME time between about 6 and 8am, I often wake up grumpy so can't handle early morning conversation.

The other thing I can't stand is my sisters phoning me up and talking about my brother and how he is not looking after my mother's house. My mother's will lets my brother lives in the house so long as it is his primary residence and he maintains it and pays all expenses. If he doesn't the house is to be sold and we all get a quarter share of the proceeds. So my sisters are phoning up saying that the house is being neglected, is dirty and smelly etc. I keep telling them I don't give a shit about my brother or the house. I wish my mother had left it to him outright.

This has been going on for about 18 months. Before that my sisters rarely phoned me , now I am getting a phone call about once a week. I have had no contact with my brother since we scattered my mother's ashes. That suits me fine (and I assume it suits my brother as well).
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