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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Sad thing is, the 2013 Legacy/Build-a-Droid line was supposed to be a significant chunk of the coming year's new sculpts and figures while the Clone Wars and Movie Heroes lines got most of the repaints, repacks and figures to promote Episodes II and III in 3-D.

The brand new Mara Jade, Yavin Ceremony Luke and other much-needed updates and resculpts were going to be in the Legacy/BAD line and now the whole thing's been scuttled. Were this just a one-off subline of figures with just a handful of characters then most collectors could just shrug, go "meh" and get on with the other lines.

Unfortunately, Hasbro piled quite a few eggs into the Legacy/Droid Factory relaunch basket and we were supposed to start seeing them in stores soon. Now everything's up in the air and new figures might be held up for a good long while.
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