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Re: Little Girls or Dagger of the Mind -- which do you like better

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In Dagger of the Mind, what the hell was Inspector Luger's plan?? He should have just stuck Kirk and Dr. Noel in the chair, and sent them on their way. The more convulated the plan, the greater chance of things screwing up. If my plan doesn't work..well..the gig's up innit it? "No no..I'll make Kirk fall in love and..well, I haven't worked the rest out."
Timo wrote: View Post
I'm not convinced that we should credit either of the scientists with a "plan". They aren't master criminals or anything: they are just mad scientists who want to do their thing and not to be disturbed ...
Adams' attempt to deal with the disruption caused by Kirk's arrival and disapproval of Adams' work is improvised on what he near-successfully did to van Gelder. ...
What Adams didn't count on was his lack of time,

I agree with Timo on that point, I think Dr Adams' so-called "plan" is largely improvisation at dealing with the unplanned circumstance of having Kirk on the spot. I think he's also dealing with the consequences of being overwhelmed by his ego.

Re-watching it, there is really no need for him to barge in on Dr Noel and Kirk in the Neutralizer room. He's already shown them the experimental device; has already told them that it's the device that Dr Van Gelder injured himself on. He's acknowledged that the device is powerful and dangerous: we understand that it must be used carefully. Kirk & Dr Noel break in and fiddle with the device; they discover that it is in fact powerful and dangerous.

If Dr Adams is trying to let the Van Gelder thing blow over, his reaction should be "So what?" If Kirk confronts him tomorrow about the device, he could just say "Yep, it's powerful, and can be dangerous if not used with the utmost caution. Dr Van Gelder's accident is extremely regrettable. We're doing everything we can not to have a repeat of it. But we don't want to just discard the device, because it's so helpful with the hardest-to-reach patients." And then just sit there quietly. What's Kirk going to do?

But NOOOOO! Instead he can't resist barging in on Kirk in the chair, and giving him a full dose. There's no plan, he's just lost all perspective and impulse control. Perhaps he can't abide the "aberrant behavior" of people out of control, wandering the corridors and breaking into rooms in HIS facility. Perhaps he's really excited by the chance to show off his toy's capabilities on a strong-minded starship captain. Whatever his motive, it's all downhill from there.
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