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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Trek fans take more time, effort, and thought in apologizing and rationalizing these flaws (it's a sort of game we all play) than the writers do in laying out their stories. Honestly, I am more impressed with your defense of Orci's script, than anything else. I really like the river metaphor. It's simple, plausible, and although it is also equivocal and masks the very problem at issue, if someone had something like this in the film, I probably would've kept munching my popcorn without immediately noticing this detail!
Given how impressed I am by most of your post and a previous one I commented on, the above seems kind of like it was written by someone else. Sure, Greg's river metaphor may be poetic, but not plusible I believe, as it seems to me it overlooks the second law of thermodynamics (a point you yourself more or less made I thought). Nor do I think it would just mask a problem, I think it would be a problem. One sufficient to curtail popcorn munching in it's own right!

The supernova business already gave a false impression of that phenomena of course, but these are not faults that can be excused because it's Sci-fi. Not without some explanation in-movie as to why "normal science" doesn't apply.

Or... Better yet... don't write yourself into narrative corners! ...
That would be my preference.

By the way, I found the comment about the "timestream's way of mending itself". It was a line said by Old Spock to Kirk which they cut from the film (mentioned in the commentary starting at 1:17:35 or so).
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