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Re: A three film comparison/face-off...

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2. Prometheus. I really enjoyed this movie...though it IS highly imperfect. I feel it was mostly executed exactly as the writers and producers wanted it to be, though I do not believe in ancient astronauts on Earth, I find the potential reveal of the speculated on origins of the Engineers and their masters along with the connection to the Aliens themselves to be worthy of a sequel that I am eager to see. Far from ruining the previous two good Alien movies, I think Prometheus deepens them. Alien was gothic suspense in space, Aliens was military SF, Prometheus was high concept sci fi, with all the other elements thrown in.

We rarely agree on so many things and yet here we seem to. Yes, the film is imperfect yet it still manages to work for me.

A few days ago I watched TDKR for only the second time since its in theatre. Today or this evening I think I'll get around to rewatching Prometheus. I actually liked TDKR a bit better than when I first saw it (as I mentioned upthread) so I'll see if my opinion of Prometheus changes after a second viewing.

I have seen ST09 twice. The first time was when a coworker lent me a download. The quality (of the download) wasn't great, but it allowed me to see the film. The second time about a year or so later another coworker lent me his dvd copy. The improved viewing and audio quality did nothing to make me like the film any better.
Here's an example of ST09's influence...a friend's girlfriend was not a huge SF fan, doubt she's ever watched a ST movie at all, but she watched ST09 on her own one night on DVD and she's watched it TEN times since...she loves the movie. This is the market expansion for the next one...add her to the BO take and the same time it creates a positive feeling for Trek.
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