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Re: Most hated conversations

I am spared any discussion of sports but I'd imagine for many males it's quite inescapable. No one in my family has ever paid any attention to the topic.

As to kids.. this is what I use to dislodge people from talking about their home renovations. I'd rather hear all about what their kid is doing because it's people. I've noticed though that while some people will talk about their kid's personalities (interesting to me) others will just trot out a laundry list of achievements or even go into excruciating detail about their teachers and exams.

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To be fair, I don't really like talking about my life in general. I will listen to everyone else's problems, but I'm not that big on talking about myself. It's not like I hate my life or something, it's more that I don't have a lot to complain about, and I think the details of my life aren't that interesting. So, I hate it when people try to draw more out of me than "I'm doing fine."
That's what I'm like. And sometimes you know they are trying to draw you out because they suspect you must be not fine LOL.. but in my case they are usually wrong.

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