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Re: The Impossible Girl: Who IS Clara Oswin Oswald?!?

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WTF, a live episode?! Unless it's the actors sitting around chatting, it seems pointless to air an episode live and potentially extremely restrictive on what they can do.
Not necessarily. After all, there have been Doctor Who stage plays. And the early episodes in the '60s were often recorded in a manner similar to a live broadcast, with the actors performing the scenes in sequence and pretty much straight through.

Then there's something like Red Dwarf, some of whose seasons were (and are) shot before a live audience. In a case like that, you could make the FX shots in advance and cut away to them at the appropriate moments in a live performance.

Sure, we generally expect more elaborate visual effects and action from the show today, but there are exceptions. Remember the 4th-season episode "Midnight?" A bottle show taking place almost entirely inside a tour bus, with the threat being an invisible entity whose presence was conveyed entirely through dialogue and performance. That one could've been done live quite easily.

Indeed, given that British actors usually tend to work in stage, screen, and TV interchangeably rather than specializing in just one, I daresay they'd be more experienced at performing live than the cast of an American show would tend to be.
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