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Re: Little Girls or Dagger of the Mind -- which do you like better

You could interpret it differently. Maybe Korby's not trying to "take over" the galaxy -- he never said that -- he was merely trying to gain ACCEPTANCE for androids in society -- perhaps so that he himself would ultimately not be an outcast. He doesn't want to be discriminated against.

His philosophy is summed up in the words "Does THIS make such a difference?" Brilliant.

The episode is loaded with more complex layers of jealousy. Jealousy in that ~

Korby wants to protect his scientific research, keep it clandestine
Christine is jealous of Andrea
Ruk hates Korby for bringing in the outsiders
Kirk is jealous of his clone -- they're trying to out-talk each other

On another point, Dale, I'll admit the episode's props do have some deficits. It's amusing how slow they have to walk in the cave to make the opening exploration scene stretch to fill the time (and keep walking through the same area of the cave set again and again! ) ) The worst part of it, I suppose, is the paper mache dummy that morphs into an android on that silly turntable.

Yet, Little Girls is more ambitious. The cave chase sequence in which Ruk pursues the Captain is quite effective. Ted Cassidy looks unbelievably menacing in that bulging costume. I can't think of a better looking costume in the ENTIRE series.

I also love the stunt when Ted Cassidy picks up Captain Kirk and throws him to the ground.


~ Mr Atoz

~ Mr Atoz[/QUOTE]

How is Korby sympathetic? Redshirts start dying immediatly, and Korby is planning to...i dunno..take over the galaxy with android duplicates? Was that it?

I admit the very ending has some emotional resonance though.[/QUOTE]
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