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Jeri Ryan- the Columbo connection

I wasn't sure where to post this, so my apologies if this isn't germane to this forum. At best, this is only tangentially related to Star Trek. However, I happened to find it interesting (though whether anyone else will is another matter).

I picked up this Columbo book called "The Hoffa Connection" from a bargain bin some time ago. I haven't read it (and reviews indicate it's not worth my time) but what struck me was that there's a woman on the cover who looks uncannily like Jeri Ryan. This could perhaps be chalked up to coincidence, but even more damningly, the man visible to the left of this figure bears a strong resemblance to J.T. Walsh. As both actors were on the short-lived series "Dark Skies," there's little doubt in my mind is that the cover artist simply copied from promotional photos from that show and changed the details slightly, though not enough to make them unrecognizable. I don't believe it's uncommon for artists to crib from other sources, but I've never come across such a blatant example before. Anyway, have a look and judge for yourself.

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