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Re: Which actor is most bitter?

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A lot of people (ot just in the BBC but in the NHS, the police, government etc) turned a blind eye to what was going on, but it doesn't seem likely there was a huge overarching conspiracy.
On the other hand, I'd argue that's the largest type of conspiracy. Such a widespread conspiracy that protecting women and children is a non-starter.

I mean, we're talking about protecting 1000s of women and children, and it's no surprise that no one, anywhere lifted a finger to protect them?! Seriously? That's a huge conspiracy on a societal scale, not a small one.

Mr Awe
I didn't say it was right, or fair, only that it happened, and this is the sort of thing that's happened across the world over the centuries and sadly still goes on today in some areas of the world.

Remember there was no internet back then, if the story didn't make the press people just wouldn't hear about it, and the impression I get is that the press were scared to go after Savile even when rumours surfaced, because he was seen as such a saint of a man by the vast majority.
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