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Re: I started watching Babylon 5 for the first real time

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Another one who liked both. Though CH4 the network that aired it in the UK sometimes played a bit loose with the schedule. I think when S4 it had 21 time slot/day changes. (out of 22 episodes).
And famously showing the pilot after the rest of season 1 as a Bank Holiday special.

Just started a rewatch myself, and I'd forgotten how bad The Gathering actually is. I think JMS had so many ideas in his head after trying to sell the show for so long he just rammed them all in there in case he never got another chance. You could make a great drinking game every time the plot stops for a character to turn to camera and give a ten minute speech about their life story.

A lot of the rest of the exposition is handled pretty badly as well, like the stations assigned telepath having to have it explained to them what the station actually does.

The first regular episode hits the ground running much better though, and whilst season 1 generally gets a lot of stick I actually quite like it. Though I find with the exception of Garibaldi it takes the human characters a lot longer to find their groove than the aliens, who are pretty much awesome from the start. "Miiiiistahh Garrrrrrrrribaldi!".

I was never much of a fan of Sinclair though, he was either incredibly wooden or, on the occasions where he tries to emote, suddenly starts over acting like mad.

Whilst the special effects have dated, the design work is still top notch as well. Lots of lovely spaceship porn.

Season 5 and Crusade do have their problems, as well as the well known ones (season 5 being very last second, Crusade being buggered about by the studio) I think JMS was just running on vapours by that point after having written so many episodes in a row.
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