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Re: Aliens of Trek Lit, Chapter Four: Thallonians!

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I really want to get into New Frontier but I am not sure if I would be able to finish it.
What's the problem? It is a series with a meta-storyling but aside from that, the adventures can be read independently.
I'm afraid I'd have to dispute this a little bit. I skipped over the New Frontier installment of the Pathways series and when I picked up the next NF book, found myself confused by a few new developments I'd missed out on. Suddenly, M'ress and Arex are living in the 24th century, for example. Also, there's a new alien crewmember named Gleau who I could not visualize because there was no description of his appearance.

Though I really enjoy Peter David's work, my one small gripe is that he doesn't seem to do a great job getting new readers caught up to speed or refreshing the memories of old readers. Perhaps he has too much confidence in the ability of all his readers to retain information book to book. At least a couple times, when a character and/or alien species has reoccurred, I've been forced to go back through previous books in order to track down a description of them.

That's why I found this thread on Thallonians useful- I'd forgotten the part about them having a range of hair colors, and because Si Cwan was bald, I've been trying to figure out if all Thallonians are bald. I wasn't helped by the fact that the book "The Quiet Place" describes his sister Kalinda as wearing a wig.
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