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Re: Star Trek: Outreach - "And So It Begins..."

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Enjoying the story so far! Question though: how do you keep all of your characters and stories straight? You seem to have quite a few balls in the air...
In my head, all my stories happening in the same universe (my own fanfic one), but unless they actually crossover at some point then they are all separate entitites.

The desktop of my laptop is littered in folders for this, that and the next. The folder for Project Outreach is getting pretty big, as there is quite a lot that will be going on with it, including the perspectives/missions of several ships and characters who interact with one another. I've already got a couple of big plot ideas that will run throughout 2376 before coming to a head, though you'll have to see what happens with that.

Got two more posts to make, each with three installments, to get written before this introductory piece is finished.
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