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Re: Little Girls or Dagger of the Mind -- which do you like better

I'll play a little:

WALGMO: At least the 'mad scientist' has the excuse of 's*** just got out of hand. It's just a bunch of paranoid, insane androids with a half-assed plan.

In Dagger of the Mind, what the hell was Inspector Luger's plan?? He should have just stuck Kirk and Dr. Noel in the chair, and sent them on their way. The more convulated the plan, the greater chance of things screwing up. If my plan doesn't work..well..the gigs up innit it? "No no..I'll make Kirk fall in love and..well, I haven't worked the rest out."

But I like Dagger better because it has Noel as apposed to ..ugh..Chapel. And as a kid I thought WALGMO was an ugly looking episode. all the browns..yuk.
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