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Re: Surviving Vulcan Elders.


It appears that we're both in the middle now, so I won't belabor this much longer - no point in arguing when you've more or less arrived at agreement.

I'll offer a some parting comments here.

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I strongly disagree that Spock should just out and start playing God and saping the universe in his own image, nothing could be more foolish.
In that case, I suppose it's a good thing that I didn't recommend that he do that.

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As Franklin says, each piece of information should be weighed.
I've also said that he'd have to perform risk analysis.

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You don't give a Caveman a cache of M16s or Nuclear Weapons and expect anything other than chaos to result, because the Caveman didn't earn the Technology by evolving and learning it on their own.
I suppose it's a good thing that the UFP is not comprised of cavemen then.

If you're in ancient Rome, do you warn them about lead poisoning?

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Just as the Vulcans in Enterprise didn't just hand over everything about Space Travel to Earth and The Prime Directive says you don't do things like that.

There is no prime directive, temporal or otherwise, which would block Spock from sharing some very useful information in this case.

Humans were exploring in Trek, because they wanted to learn. They freely exchanged technologies with warp-capable cultures. They benefited quite a bit from these exchanges. Spock could help the UFP avoid needless deaths and deadly misunderstandings.

Again, Spock is in a world which is very much like his own. It even has another younger version of him in it. This is not some delicate alien prewarp culture, but his own culture and society which he is in here.

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I never meant to imply that Spock shouldn't share anything of his knowledge of the future,
Perhaps, but your argument was a bit overstated. When that happens you tend to get committed to stronger claims than you want to make.

I don't want to paint you into a corner here, but I'd also like to note that I wasn't simply straw-manning you either.

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I'm just saying he shouldn't have verbal diarhea and spit out everything he knows,
No, but he sure knows a lot. Just think of how many redshirts who don't need to die in this universe, how many alien species they need not accidentally harm, how many diseases he can help cure, etc., etc.

I agree, that he shouldn't just sketch up the design for quantum torpedoes and share them with everyone, but that's where risk-analysis comes in.

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plus, as you point out, the prior history is not written in stone, the action that should have been taken in the Prime Time Line, could now lead to horrible circumstances. What Spock shares, should be carefully parsed out after consideration and weighing.
Sure, but the mere fact that there could be horrible circumstances is no reason not to act when he knows, positively, that he could save lives.

And again, I think part of what can keep this universe interesting is that they now have another good reason why their 5-year voyage can be much different than TOS (i.e., they don't have to make the same mistakes that TOS made).

I find it interesting that they've allowed for the existence of this walking spoiler alert in the nu-Trek verse. If I were these guys, I might kill him off to avoid the potential problem of Old Spock having answers that he should be sharing with UFP.
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