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Re: American Horror Story: Asylum (Spoilers)

I didn't realize a new episode was going to air last night (I was expecting mid-January). I just happened to be flipping through the channels, and there it was. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed it! The Name Game number by Sister Jude and the Lunatics was a riot, and for that alone, the episode was worth watching twice. (FX airs the same episode at 10 and 11 p.m.)

I don't really feel any sympathy for the Monsignor. He's not a bad person, just totally blind and misguided. He never paid attention to what Sister Jude had to say and was responsible for initially dismissing her from Briarcliff.

Mary Eunice's death was anticlimactic. I was half-expecting Sister Jude to be the one to stop her. Also, Dr. Arden's death/suicide (self-incineration with Mary Eunice's body) was not as dramatic as I expected. He abused and experimented on a lot of people (not to mention he killed countless others as a Nazi), and that bastard should've suffered more.

I wonder what's going to happen to Kit and Grace's baby. Are they ever going to shed more light on the aliens and Kit's abducted wife? Are Thredson's killing days as Bloody Face over now that Lana has the upper hand?
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