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Re: Most hated conversations

I am in my mid-20s but am by far the youngest in my office. I am surrounded by mostly 50+ individuals, which normally doesn't really make any difference, but certain popular conversation topics come up that I just can't relate to at all.

1. Aging parents - It sounds terrible to be annoyed by this, but I hear all day long about the various homes that their parents have been moved to, what happened on their last visit, the new numbers from the doctor, the new medications, etc. I care that my co-workers have to handle this burden, but at the same time I just don't want to hear about it. It's depressing, and I really have nothing to offer to the conversation because I cannot relate at all.

2. Your travels - So I have some coworkers who enjoy traveling, and go out on trips almost every weekend. I don't care. I DON'T CARE. It doesn't matter to me where you went, how romantic it was, how you went to these wineries, the cute local restaurant you ate at, the nice old lady you met, the picnic you had on the riverbank. I really couldn't care less; I didn't ask, don't tell me.

2. Facebook games - This is a strange new phenomenon that occurs at family gatherings with those folks you aren't very close to. Now that everyone and their grandma has a Facebook page, they obsessively play games like Mafia Wars, City Farm Neighborville, etc. and recruit all of their distant relatives to do so as well. So, now at these awkward family gatherings we sit around in silence for a while until someone says, "so how about that new Villeville game?" and then everyone else chimes in about how they found so many star powers and their sparkle unicorn is almost ready to mate and that timed holiday quest was just a killer. Do I even have to explain why I am over this conversation?

3. Kid's sports - Now usually, I actually like it when my coworkers discuss their kids, because most of their children are my age, so I feel like I can relate to the situations or offer another perspective. However, certain coworkers really like to harp on the various after school activities and sports their child is involved in. What makes you think I care about the rude comment your son's water polo coach made at last week's tournament? What makes you think I care that your son even plays water polo? This annoyingly seeps into a certain coworkers requests for time off, when she will send out an email to the unit letting us know the details of why she'll be gone, down to the team's current placement in the league and how this game will be SO IMPORTANT and she HAS TO BE THERE TO SUPPORT HER CHILD. And then it will show up on the shared calendar with some long description. Ugh! Just put "Vacation day" please! Anything else is more than I care about. Oh, and I'm also sick of hearing about dance conventions.

4. Menopause - I understand why the women around me want to discuss their shared experience, but I do not yet share that experience. Sorry, but I don't much care about how many hot flashes you had last night. Some day I'm sure I will, but that day is not now.
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