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whatever happened to these characters?

Hey all, a peerie request, but I was wondering if there has been any mention of these characters chronologically more recent than their memory beta entries? After seeing a great bitpart character like Captain Bateson so much recently (in DTI & Cold Equations), I was wondering about other (large and small) characters who seem to have become one of the billions of souls who make up the Federation or its neighbours.

Some just off the top of my head are:

- Admiral Leyton - he would be out of prison now, wouldn't he?
- Admiral Ross - man was awesome
- Captain Benteen from Homeland/Paradise Lost.

Does anyone else have any other small or large characters MIA? Although this is not intended to suggest a wishlist of who should be included in future treklit: that would be rather suggestive of small universe syndrome. Just wondering if people have either more (published) details.
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