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Iceberg warning...

Bogging down a movie with "canon" and TV show background isn't going to help. It could be said the TNG-through-to-Nemesis "universe" was being dragged down by its own canon and history. Hence, reboot with the new movie and bang, success.

Yes, Khan had a show origin "backstory," but that was explained and done with with a short little "speech" by Khan. It didn't drag the movie down.

Trying to tie in and bring in so many elements from the series is just going to appeal to hard-core fans, who aren't a big enough audience to make a movie successful.
First Contact didn't seem to have much of an issue, and that was TNG's most popular movie. You can quickly bring the general audience up to speed, but you don't want to ignore your core audience either. That's actually something I feel cynical regarding Abrams trek. It just doesn't feel like this current state of Trek is for me, yet I would love to see Star Trek return in some form and what Abrams is doing is the best we have.

As usual, it's more the execution of the stories that makes or break them. First Contact was probably the best TNG movie, but only because the other ones are so mediocre. First Contact made a good call to properly balance the action and suspense with some light comedy. Preferably I would have liked to see a Trek movie done in a very serious tone.

Using canon is easy if you know how to pick and choose good pieces of canon that will enhance a story properly.

The only reason Abrams' Trek is doing well is because Paramount finally coughed up a budget worthy of making a Trek movie.

I would have loved to see a TNG movie with that kind of budget, and a simple sci-fi action storyline, instead of the horrible comedic misses and cringe worthy scenes.

Abrams' Trek is closer to the roots of this, which is why it was successful.
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