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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Babylon 5 season 2 arrived today, and I watched the first two episodes.

Points of Departure - This was a very good episode. The first thing I noticed is that the CGI looks better this season. The stuff in the first season didn't really bother me, but its interesting to see it evolve.One thing I noticed immediately is that everything seemed determined to totally ruin Delenn's post cacoon appearance. She's on the DVD cover and menu, so I was already spoiled before I even started the DVD, but that wasn't all. The opening actually shows her, so even if you were just watching this on TV in the ninties when it first came out, you would have been spoiled about what she looks like post cacoon. That seems like a stupid decision. I get why she's on the DVD cover/menu, she's a main character and I doubt they cared about spoiling that for a show that came out years ago, but the opening thing seems pretty lame. The end of the last episode of season 1 and all of this episode try to make you want to know what will come out of the cacoon. Even if you pretty much knew that it wouldn't be a monster or something, completely removing any surprise just makes all of the mystery in this episode seem pointless, since I already know what she will look like, even though it doesn't get officially revealed until the next episode.

Still, it didn't ruin the story or anything. The episode was good. The new Captain seems interesting. The thing about Minbari souls in human bodies is interesting, I bet it will come up again.The prophecy about the enemy also sounds important. This episode definatel;y got me excited for this season.

Revelations - I'm glad Londo and G'Kar are back, after not being in episode one. It was interesting to learn more about Sheridan, even if his sister seemed like just a way to deliever his backstory. The live draining/healing machine makes a second appearance, I figured it would return. I wonder if it was introduced so that it could be brought back later. Delenn emerging from the cacoon was cool, but like I said above, it was already spoiled by the DVD and the shows opening theme what she would look like, so the weird skin thing didn't fool me at all. I really hope the new president isn't part of this weird conspiracy. The earth politics stuff, while not bad, is usually the least interesting stuff. The Psi Corps connection to the assassination is intriguing. even if it turns out to not be true, I'm sure they're up to something shady. This new enemy seems like it will be big. I'm pretty sure they're connected to the guy helping Londo out, it will be interesting to see what happens.

Overall, this season has started out well. I don't know if Sheridan will be better than Sinclair, but he seems like a good character. Delenns new condition is interesting, and I really want to know what is going on with this mysterious new enemy.
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