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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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On the flip side, Riker gave away his trombone pretty easily, and...what was it Riker and Picard looked for at the end of Generations? I can't remember, but it was just one thing.
The whole economy as presented in TNG was utterly absurd because he presupposes that scarcity of about everything has disappeared.

However we know that scarcity according to dialog in TNG hasn't disappeared. For example, the Pircard family owns a winery. So according to TNG dogma no one on planet earth [save the Picard family] wold ever cherish/desire owning that property and wouldn't be willing to trade for it.

The absnece of a barter system on earth or generally in the federation save trading with the Ferengi using latrium further convludes and makes the arguemnt absurd. Because further according to TNG Trek dogma the Alpha quadrant has de-evolved into trading only with precious substances something we've abandoned here on earth over 100 years ago.

The ulatimate form of scarcity other than land of course are people's skills. And to assume that human beings despite 10,000 years of human history would all of a sudden abandon our selfishness and desire to covet what we don't have it the final and ultimate absurdity in TNG - unless you count Denna Troi's contention that also in the 24th century that sorrow/sadness would go away as well.
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