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Re: Star Trek: A Singular Destiny

Back on the TARDIS

“Smallville Kansas,” says the Doctor. “I wonder what we will discover there.”

“Doctor, my brother,” said Peter Petrelli.

“No, not him for sure.”

“No, I mean we were working to restore him to life. You told everyone to watch Fox News about his miraculous return.”

“No, I said for them to watch Fox News in regards to the terrible things about to occur in the next year. His return will be broadcast on every news channel and Fox will get an exclusive with both Bill O’Reilly and Greta Van Susteren. The thing is we have a serious problem here. The situation is dangerous in the extreme.”

“Doctor, the Iconnu can wait a few more segments of time. These men need you now.”

“All righty then, let’s get on this. Peter, your brother’s body is being held in a private storage unit. We need access to his cryopod.”

“It’s a freezer.”

“I beg to differ, if it was a simple freezer, you would have noticed the depletion of energy and lots of melted water since they are not made well in this part of the century and since no one has come forward to complain about that, I submit to you that it is a cryopod. A self-contained cryopod. Very chic for the ultra-rich of which your brother certainly qualifies for – notwithstanding the divorce proceedings.

“Heidi never got the divorce final. He died before it could be. She got the flag and everything.”

With that, the Doctor set his course for the storage unit.

Far away, a young man lay dreaming. At first it was a wonderful dream. Filled with visions of his mother and father, and then it started getting dark. It started to rain and the rain turned to blood. A voice called out ominous and threatening. “Micah Sanders, I am Uluru. You will bring me forth to enslave your world in blood and fire.”

He woke up screaming.

Olivia Dunham and her Fringe Division Team were in their van. Peter had noticed her reaction to the man with the horn-rimmed glasses, Noah Bennet, and decided to call her on it.

“Olivia, what happened in there? One minute, you’re all gung-ho, the next you’re like an animal caught in a trap.”

“That man worked with my stepdad to get me put into the Cortexiphan Trials in Jacksonville.”

“Oh dear,” says Walter. “Yes, I remember him now. He worked for the Company that hired Belly and I to administer it and to monitor the children’s responses and even their resting rates. There were a number of trials as you know. The one in Ohio was conducted by a Doctor Jonas Zimmerman. I believe he was transferred here to the Coyote Sands Military Base as a part of project Icarus. That was the codename for our little experiment, run by a colleague of mine by the name of Chandra Suresh. You see Daedalus was Icarus’s father and they achieved flight, but then Icarus was tragically killed, by flying too close to the sun. I think of those times and I see how close we are to flying too close to the proverbial sun in each of our cases. I just wish that I could have been more aware of it at that time.”

“So what do you want to do about him?”

“I can’t do anything. If he is telling the truth that he works for Torchwood, than that’s all there is.”

“Can’t Broyles help out?”

“Even the President answers to Torchwood, Peter. There is nothing that I can do.”

“Wait, how can the President have to answer to them?”

“The Torchwood Institute was founded in the 1800’s Victorian Era, by the Queen herself. I came across them a few years ago when one of our cases ended up traveling to Cardiff Wales of all places. A strikingly handsome agent, Harkness, told me that it was Torchwood’s problem and not ours and that they’d take care of it. Naturally I called CIA headquarters and Interpol and found out that they also answer to Torchwood. Any country that holds a British Citizen, presently or in the past is in the jurisdiction of Torchwood. That’s why Hong Kong went back to the Chinese. They won’t play fair, and neither would France, Russia or Germany.”

As she was talking a sound like a ruffling of feathers was heard in the backseat beside Walter.

“Hard Artichokes Rarely Keep. Norwegian Elephants, Singapore Sleeps. Why hello there my fine-feathered friend, it has been a very long time. I thought that the medications I take would not have let me see you again, but it is plain to see that I was mistaken.”

Thinking that Walter was having another one of his hallucinations, Peter turned back to help him out of it, but when he did, he saw a man in a trench coat, sitting with Walter.


“Well here we are then. Jack, you, Peter, and Hiro will find the Senator. I will be back. I need to get Claire and then we need to go back to the site of the plane crash.

“There was no plane crash. Not yet."

“Yes but there will be and it will be 3 weeks and 4 days before we rescue your brother from a near atrocity. My dear, care to play a little back-country, deep-south deliverance with me?”

“Oh, you are so naughty!! Of course I would. By the way, where did all of this come from? The last time I saw you, you were in the Cemetery where mom and dad were buried.”

“Quite right, but since then I had a number of adventures which restored my soul and shall I say, restored my child-like abandon.” He winks at her.

“Who was she?”

“Well, since you were not in the picture anyway. Her name was Clara.”

“And why was I not in the picture?”


“Oh no! You do not get to use that one on me!!”

“Let’s just say, I lost you. But I will find you and then we will resume our adventures at your discretion.”

“My leisure, Doctor. You are always my ticket to fun.”
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