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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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I honestly don't really care about the stuff you guys are pointing out. I still really enjoyed the movie, even if it isn't perfect. I was drawn into it enough by the story, acting, and directing that I honestly never really thought to much about most of this stuff, except for the back thing which bugged me for a minute or two, until you guys started discussing them on here.
It bothered me because I enjoyed the "hyper realism" shall we call it of the first movie, and to some degree the second one?

It's almost like the last one Chris Nolan just rushed a script that included two very serious injuries (I know Bane breaking the bat's back was something the hardcore guys wanted to see), but he didn't bother to do it realistically enough. He turned it into the typical mindless action flick where the hero gets up from crippling injured just because he's the hero.

This wasn't The Avengers, it was the conclusion to a reboot of the Bat that kept the fantastical to a very low degree, and as believable as possible without sacrificing good action. It failed to conclude the series in that regard.
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