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Re: Most hated conversations

How about loud conversations involving "too much information" told to a perfect stranger in the pair of bus seats just behind you? I traveled over Christmas on a long bus trip and got to hear (among other stuff) a young woman go on and on about how she was going home for Christmas and needed to tell her father that she was pregnant and had held off telling him because he would have driven all the way to her town to kill the boyfriend, but she loves her boyfriend, but her father has lung cancer and the drive would have killed him and ......

Maybe there is safety/comfort in loudly telling a complete stranger who you will never see again such a private story, but on a bus everyone around has to suffer through it whether they want to hear a soap opera or not (maybe I should have brought an Ipod...). If you do ask them to talk a little more quietly, you are looked at like you are trying to sell them insurance on a boat that they do not own.
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