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Re: Ron D. Moore about VOY

The open submission policy brought in a lot of great sophisticated stories that had nothing to do with anyone specifically on staff in particular. It was a high concept show and that is not Moore's bread and butter. He wasn't a good fit for a TNG clone. When Menosky and Shankar left, the show went south and Moore's episodes sucked though he does have style but no real substance. He writes memorable characters but that is not where TPTB wanted and were headed. It was Braga's show and lead and he lead it into a nebulous ambiguous mess like he is. Moore is a light weight stud, hideously clever, yes but not smarter or better than Braga who was ironically though not the best person to run the show. In that particular regard, Moore was better but more mediocre so.. his hyper inflated ego had to be burst.
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