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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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Double post because I have a question. Is there a good reason not to give technology to member states who ask for it?
Depends on the technology.. if they ask for something you can easily produce like a laser rifle and make some profit of it go ahead. You'll need the money.

If it's some critical parts like non-damaged UFO components like Nav Computers and such i'd think twice.. without wanting to spoil things you might think about using these components in future projects and they are often hard won (especially in the later stages of the game) so the reward must be significant. It's sometimes a tough choice.

As to your other problems.. effectivity of cover depends on where you are shot from. If the cover is in front of the alien your soldier will get a boost in his defense rating depending on several factors (like distance, type if cover, i.e. half/full etc). If you are shot at from the side or the back then obviously cover is useless.
Best bet is to move with a single action from cover to cover and use the second to place your soldier on overwatch so when an alien comes into his sight on his turn you get a shot at it and might kill it before it can act further.

Obviously the aliens can also overwatch fire which is the reason they can shoot at you when you move from cover to cover. Your assault troopers get a useful skill to counter that.. Lighning Reflexes which makes the first overwatch fire miss automatically. Useful for advance recon, get the location of the alien and then nail him with a sniper for example.
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