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Re: Episode of the Week: Skin of Evil

I rewatched this just a couple of days ago. There's a lot to love about this ep. As you mentioned the music, the writing.

The 'taken at face-value stuff' of his being a 'Skin of Evil'. No technobabble explanation of what the hell he's doing to Riker, and how "He had to let Riker go out of frustration" ....I guess he turned Riker to psychic energy??...

Picard being dead-on in his speech about evil. The fact that Armus does have my pity...err (bad choice of words Troi) SYMPATHY! That's it...

And while season one generally sucks, it's interesting because the actors can still surprise you with their choices. I love how in the middle all the actors are arguing over each other and Picard just taps on the table...juxtaposed..with Worf staring straight ahead not getting involved in the argument. Great choices, great direction.

I honestly have no idea why this ep got such a bad rep. i love everything about it. Leland T. Lynch. The bit at the beginning that Crosby says if they had done more often she might have stayed (the martial arts bit). The shot near the end ,"The gathering is concluded" and everyone else crosses in front of Picard's closeup, but the focus stays on Picard.
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