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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Alter Ego

Kim seeks Tuvok out to get help with his love life. He has fallen in love with a holodeck character and wishes to separate himself emotionally through Vulcan techniques. Tuvok thinks logical deconstruction followed by meditation should do the trick, and he brings him into the holodeck scene to help him deconstruct.

The whole crew meets on the holodeck for a luau. Paris goes to get Kim who had not shown up yet. No surprise, Paris talks Kim into going to the party! At the party Tuvok engages Merana in conversation, and is intrigued by her. The next day, Harry finds Tuvok hanging out with Merana in the holodeck and he becomes angry and jealous. Tuvok even deleted the computer program to show Kim that he meant no harm and had no ill-intentions toward him.

Meanwhile, the ship loses propulsion. Merana visits Tuvok in his quarters, and he calls security, only to find out that she has control of parts of the ship. The Merana holodeck character is really an alien on a ship nearby. Tuvok goes to her ship and reasons with her to let him and the VOY go, and she relents.

This was an okay episode, but not my favorite. It seemed like the whole point of the episode was to mess with Tuvok and his lack of emotion, but I do not think they pulled it off well. Overall, Tuvok did a pretty good job remaining logical. He did not really “break”. What was the purpose of this episode? There was not any character development, or a meaningful event that hurt/benefited the voyage home.
Favorite part: B’Elanna getting hit on by the ensign, and the look on Paris’ face as she walked away.

Least favorite part: When Kim asks Neelix where Merana is he jovially responds that she is with Kes. I feel like Neelix would still be heart broken and sad when he responds to inquisitions about Kes. A little follow-through would not hurt!
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