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Re: What is your favorite series and why?

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I remember the first Star Trek i watched was a VCD of Wrath of Khan that my dad bought (he is a huge TOS fan) it was then that i fell in love with Star Trek. but TOS was too much for me,i barely watched a few episodes of the series, it was too far from my time.

2-DS9 (some episodes are horrible)
3- ENt (Not great but fun)
4- TOS
5- TNG (The most boring,too much talking,too much nonsense in the Holodeck,the only series that was nerdy ughh i only like a few episodes)

I'm not one to disparage the opinions of others, but isn't there a little dissonace between ranking Voyager #1 and disparaging TNG for nonsense on the holodeck?
what do you mean?
Let's see... Fair Haven, Spirit Folk, the Killing Game, Bride of Chaotica, Worst Case Scenario, Real Life, Heroes and Demons, the Thaw and so on.
"I was never a Star Trek fan." J.J. Abrams
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