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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Well, DS9 damaged the Franchise's popularity enough to guarantee that they won't go down that road again.
Elaborate please. The reason I like DS9 is because the characters [unlike TNG] are multidimensional and often flawed. Whether it's Sisko's anger [initially] at SF generally and Picard personally because of the Borg or that Bashir was genetically engineered because of his criminal parents - or Kira's hatred of the Caradassians.

And then in later episodes we see SF itself complicit with Section 31 in trying to commit genocide.

The episode Inter ARma Enim Silent Legas was especially well done IMO.

There are also the middle Dominion war episodes where SF leadership itself has been infiltrated with a commander over eager to protect earth by simulating a planet wide power failure to permit Marshall law.

If anything Dennis, DS9 adheres more so [not less] IMO to Abrams vision for Trek than the rest of the series do. [TOS aside]
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