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Re: Enterprise-C Bridge Layout

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Hathaway is literally the same set piece, too.
...But with exciting asymmetry. What do you think that emergency ladder pillar thingamabob was all about? Something that would descend from the ceiling for purposes of evacuation or maintenance, and be neatly stowed away in all but the most derelict ships? An intruder control system designed to knock out people who would assume the main entry door would be unobstructed?

There's one TNG pulpit up on the central pedestal, next to the CO chair, and one down to port, only barely glimpsed. Would there be another to starboard, perhaps? And how big is the viewscreen, with our heroes looking rather high up at it in some scenes, but down from Riker's eye level in others?
There's a lot that can be inferred from the Hathaway design - I'm anxiously awaiting the blu-ray aps on Trekcore, to see all sorts of new details we havne't been able to before!

The ladder thingy I always thought was an emergency support strut to keep the roof up (or the floor down). I can't remember is it was labeled at all... Still, it could be somethign that comes up or down for emergency egress.

As for the odd placement of the consoles, I figured two options:

1) It's just the way it was designed or configured for the last mission. There may or may not be another console on the other side of the bridge. Production suggests no, since the forward console props are usually made in pairs and there were probably only two made as a set (previously seen on the E-D battle bridge and various guest starship bridges - these are the oler ones with the severely-reclining chairs), with Worf's featuring an added greeblie glued on top and spraypainted to match. I certainly like the idea of an asymetrical bridge layout, but Bridge designs to tend to make a crazy sort of sense in the Trek context, and that sense usually includes a symmetrical bridge. OTOH< a "clean layout as depicted here does look kinda cool:

2) The whole bridge module was cobbled together from whatever was lying around the supply depot or wherever the ship was sitting before (Qualor II? Strange how the Zakdorn are involved in two episodes featuring decommissioned Federation starships) for wargame purposes. The Hathaway bridge certainly doesn't seem like it was recently decommissioned. It's possible she'd been languishing in a supply depot for years, then when it came time to get a subject for a MacGyver exercise, Klim Dokachim selected a barely flightworthy hull from his list and made sure it had the bare essentials for it.

Someone could have been sent to take some crated old consoles and seats (the originals having long-since been removed to keep other Constellation-class or similar starships going), bolt them in place for a makeshift tactical and con/ops stations (we know a captain's chair can have backup con/ops controls in the armrests per Wesley, and the chair has the same popout armrest consoles as Picard's first one), and put a support strut in place to make sure the bulkheads didn't cave in (or fly off) for the duration. Someone else got some surplus seats to put at the aft consoles (they look like stripped-down USAF ejection seats from the Paramount prop stores) and they left everything else in place for the wargames crew to use as-is. Maybe they even left the matching console to Worf's seat pushed up in the corner in case someone could put it in play (it wasn't covered up, but all the other freestanding consoles were tarped over). One warp speed tow later, and there you have it.

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